Dry Advantage Carpet Care

"The Most Thorough Cleaning Cleaning You've Ever Seen or It's Free!"

Your Local Lincoln Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner! 


Owner operated, proudly serving the Lincoln community since 2003.

Our Services

Providing friendly, expert residential service to the Lincoln, NE area. Our service area in general extends to about 25 miles from our location in south Lincoln.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Specializing In Residential Carpet Care

We use hot water extraction cleaning for a deep down clean. Our 9-Step process and attention to detail ensures a thorough cleaning and fast dry.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Don't Ignore Your Fabric Furniture!

The IICRC generally recommends professional cleaning of upholstery about every 18 months, depending on use. We are certified in proper cleaning methods.

Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

We clean your rugs in home for your convenience...

Let us help with your area rug cleaning. It's a good idea to clean your oriental rugs, wool rugs and synthetic fiber rugs on a regular basis.

Protectant Application

Let's Protect Your Investment!

Your carpet was chosen with careful thought, and is a large investment for your home.  Cleaning your carpet is very important for your health, by removing environmental pollutants such as smoke, smog, nicotine, exhaust fumes and soil which will make your carpet wear much faster.

After properly cleaning and treating your carpet, rugs or upholstery, we can apply our advanced, quality protectant to these items. This invisible coating will greatly help protect against soiling and spills.

Pet Stain & Odor Treatment

We all love our pets, but ...

Pet accidents? 

Let us help... we have a few tricks to tackle stains and odor from your dog and cat related issues.  It's always best to deal with these accidents ASAP.

Can we fix it?

Maybe.  Let's use a realistic approach with our expectations.  I would rather under-promise and over-deliver rather than promise too much.  But that said, I have had a lot of success with these clean-ups.  Just be aware that with extensive urine contamination and staining, only so much can be done.

Specialty Spot Removal

"Stuff" happens...

Spot or Stain?

A stain is generally a color change in the carpet or upholstery fabric.  It is not removable by cleaning.

A spot may or may not be a stain.  We employ a number of different specialty spot treatment agents designed to remove many different “stains” from rust and red stains to grease and many others.

Can We Fix It?

Maybe.  It is really difficult to know by looking at a spot.  We can evaluate and work on the spot to see what will happen, often with great success.  Here is a resource for you for some spot removal tips if you want to try your hand at spot removal.

Why Choose Dry Advantage?

From the Owner: We're not just another carpet cleaner! I personally provide your service with care for your home and attention to any concerns you may have.


“The Most Thorough Cleaning You’ve Ever Seen or It’s FREE!”

Our 100% No Risk Guarantee:

I like to keep things simple and straight forward with our guarantee – no hassles, no wiggle room or fine print and especially, no risk for you. Nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction.

Guarantee #1

If for some reason you have concerns about your cleaning service, we will return & clean the areas free of charge.

Guarantee #2

If you are still not satisfied, you get your money back.

Owner Operated

IICRC Certified Cleaning

No Worries!

You get professional, personalized and caring service so you have no worries. Proper cleaning by an IICRC Certified cleaning technician - the owner. 

Certified Firm

Dry Advantage Carpet Care is a Certified Firm that adhers to the requirements of being insured and having certified cleaning technicians on each job.  As such, I am IICRC certifed in carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and maintain my proficiency and knowledge via continuing education.

Dries Fast

We get it - you want your carpet dry ASAP!

Dry Advantage - Yes, it is in our name...

We don't mean to confuse you.  Our process is not technically "dry" like using a dry powder.  We use hot water extraction for the best deep cleaning you can get.  This is often referred to as "steam cleaning" your carpet and is recognized for being the most thorough method of cleaning and recommended by most carpet manufacturers.

It's About The Equipment & Process

To pull off this faster dry time, basically it comes down to using equipment and process to avoid over-wetting.  When practical, we also use a carpet fan to deliver a high volume of air flow to aid in dry time.

How Long to Dry?

Of course this depends on many factors, including temperature, humidity and air flow, the type of carpet and nap, etc.  In general, carpet is fairly dry within several hours and mostly dry given overnight to dry.  

Exact Appointments

Where is that guy?

I Value Your Time

When we schedule a time, I plan to show up at that time.  Usually that means I'll be there no more than a few minutes early or late. 

Sorry, I'm Not Perfect

Of course, I'm not perfect, so I may get delayed by weather or traffic or other unforseen events.  An occassional cleaning appointment may take longer than anticipated and delay my arrival for your appointment. 

If so, I sincerely apologize.  But I'll try to not leave you hanging wondering where I am.  If I get behind schedule for some reason, I will call or text with an update to let you know.


Safe For Kids & Pets

No Worries - We Love Kids & Pets!

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning process is non-toxic and safe for you children and pets.

"Common Sense" Safety

We do ask that you take a few precautions during and after our visit ...

  • During the cleaning it is best to keep children and pets away from the area being cleaned if possible.  We love kids and pets, just not underfoot!  This will help me to work safely and prevent distractions and mishaps.
  • Be aware that damp carpets can lead to a slip hazards, especially when going from the carpet to hard flooring... so slow down and use rugs as necessary to keep feet or shoes dry until the carpet becomes dry.

No Dirt Attracting Residue

How we help keep your carpet clean longer...

Our cleaning process leaves your carpet & upholstery sparkling clean with no residue – so it will stay clean longer.

Won't Cleaning Just Lead to It Getting Dirty Faster?

Though once true, this is mostly just a "wive's tale" now.  By using only professional, top of the line cleaning agents and products provided by leading industry suppliers, this is not much of an issue anymore.   Advances in cleaning chemistry and technology result in very little residue, unless the cleaner is choosing to cut corners with cheaper products (not us!).  

Another reason for resoiling is spot treating without sufficient rinse.  Having an IICRC certified cleaner (like me for instance) do the work should prevent this issue.

Service Area

In general, up to about 25 miles from our location

Service area is somewhat dependent on factors such as weather and  job size and scope and our schedule.  Contact us to find out for sure!

Meet The Owner

Rod Kramer


Company founded in 2003.  IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner.  IICRC Certified Upholstery Cleaner.

Member of Ethical Services: ethicalservices.com

Education and Work History

Norris High School

University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate with B.S. in Chemical Engineering

U.S. Navy Officer for 6 years

Chemical Engineer for 8 years


Married since 1982.  Wife is a nurse.  Have four children and two cats.


Our Company Approach

We understand that your need for a carpet cleaner is often "as soon as possible".  That's why we make it as simple as possible to get your cleaning scheduled and done in an efficient manner.

Decide What You Would Like Us To Do

Which rooms of carpet to clean?  Stairs?  Any sofas or chairs?  How about a rug or two?  If you'd like an estimate, measure the carpet and rugs as we price by the sq. ft.  Count the number of stairs.

Contact Us & Get on Our Schedule

Give us a call or text or submit your information online.  We are happy to discuss your needs and answer all of your questions.  Leave us a voicemail if we miss your call, but I usually answer up to about 8:00 pm, except Sundays.

Cleaning Is Done!

Problem Solved.  Happy Client!  Our goal is always to have "clients for life."  Our business runs on repeat business and referrals, so we can't afford to let you down.  Getting it right the first time and every time is our business.

We're Ready When You Are

Most weeks I will be able to fit you in on relatively short notice.  Of course it's best if you can plan ahead as you will have a better chance of getting on our schedule at a time most convenient for you.   

Simply click on the light blue "Need help?" icon and fill out the form to let us know any questions you may have.  If you are ready, provide us with some prefered days to clean and we'll work on getting you on the schedule.


What Our Customers Say

There's A Reason Why Our Company Is So Highly Rated

Dara Dirrim

Dara Dirrim

Lincoln, NE

"I initially contacted Dry Advantage Carpet Care after seeing an ad promising quick-drying carpet (because of my young children, it was important to me to not have to worry about keeping them off wet carpeting).  Not only did the carpet dry quickly, it was spotless!  We were quite impressed.  I continue to call on Mr. Kramer because he is courteous, timely, and works hard to get our carpets looking new again.  And, because his service is so affordable, we can have our carpets cleaned several times a year."


Dara Dirrim

Lincoln, NE

Peg Hipple

Peg Hipple

Lincoln, NE

"I had put off having someone clean my carpets because I wasn't sure who to use and who was going to do them well --- now that I have used Dry Advantage Carpet Care I am very happy and my carpets and car look like new again.  I was especially pleased with the drying time and I was able to arrange my furniture in no time.  The technician (Rod) was super nice and was pleasant to have in our home.  I would definitely recommend him and his services."


Peg Hipple

Lincoln, NE


"Rod Kramer is very professional, courteous, and always perfectly on time.  My carpets and furniture look fantastic after he is done, every time.  I am very impressed with his work.  My carpets dry quickly.  Rod always makes sure that I am very satisfied.  Rod is easy to contact to schedule an appointment and a pleasure to have in our home.  I highly recommend Dry Advantage Carpet Care.  I really like the fact that Rod does the work himself.  He is trustworthy and efficient!"

        -  Kristi Jansen-Lindahl, Lincoln, NE

"We are extremely pleased with Rod Kramer, owner of Dry Advantage Carpet Care.  Our furniture and carpets look like new after he cleans them.  He provides excellent customer service with great attention to working with our schedules.  We feel he's quite "a find" and we will continue using his expert service."

     - Carol Bonness,              Lincoln, NE

"Carpet looks great.  It got rid of hard core puppy potty training stains and made the carpet smell great.  The upholstery cleaning was excellent as well.  I would definitely recommend this service to anyone."

         - Anni Gagnon,                Lincoln, NE     

"Wow!  Rod did an excellent job.  It looks like we have brand new carpet.  I was very pleased with everything.  Rod was prompt - on time and very courteous.  We will definitely be using him again.”

          - Julie Fosler,                    Lincoln, NE

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions We Get About Our Business

What are your hours of operation?

Generally 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday...

How much does it cost to clean?

Carpet cleaning– please call 402-890-1973 for a phone estimate based on ...

How do I schedule an appointment?

Option 1: The simplest way is to ...

What method do you use to clean carpet?

We clean using hot water extraction to provide ...

If I clean my carpet, will it get dirty again faster?

No. We pre-condition your carpet then clean with ...

Doesn’t hot water extraction cleaning leave my carpet wet all night?

No. In some conditions of temperature, humidity and carpet type it can take ...

How long does it take to clean my carpet?

An average size house with 4 or 5 carpeted rooms ...

I have furniture in the rooms I want cleaned, do you move it?

We can perform light furniture moving, cost depending on ...

Are there any additional fees or charges for your service?

The prices we quote you on the phone should provide ...

How soon are you available to clean my carpet?

There are some cases where we can clean ...

I work during the day. How do we get the cleaning done?

This is a common situation. We will try to coordinate ...

What makes your service different from other carpet cleaning services?

Unlike larger companies, my performance directly affects ...